Secretariat under the Economic and Finance Committee of Parliament of Tajikistan (EFC Secretariat) was established within the framework of "Strengthening parliamentary oversight of public finance in the Republic of Tajikistan" Project by World Bank Program “Strengthening the elements of governance in Tajikistan” with financial support from UK Department for International Development in 2011.

EFC Secretariat continues its activity within new Programme "Support to Parliamentary Oversight of PFM and Budgetary Transparency in Tajikistan"  (SPFM) implemented by Development Alternatives Incorporated (DAI) with funding from the UK Department for International Development (DFID).

OBJECTIVE OF THE PROGRAMME: The objective of SPFM is to strengthen the Tajikistan Parliament’s ability to fulfil its oversight responsibilities more effectively, efficiently and  accountably with regard to the management of public finances. When functioning effectively, parliament is a key part of the governance framework, operating at the intersection of citizen-state and executive-legislature relations, and providing a mechanism of checks and balances.

The Programme’s three outputs are as follows:

Output 1 – Technical and advisory support to the EFC and other parliamentary committees to improve their capacity to conduct financial oversight is provided
  • The programme is focused on enabling three triggers that seek to improve transparency and effectiveness in PFM. Programme activities built around these triggers will focus on generating good research and data to inform policy making processes, and ensuring engagement and training at the right levels to ensure transparent policy making.

Output 2 – Improved parliamentary access to high quality evidence based research and analysis is ensured

  • Enabling MPs to have the necessary tools at their fingertips in pursuing specific legislative goals requires providing them with the knowledge on how to pursue that study, as well as institutionalising its use. Similarly, one of the key elements for ensuring sustainability is the transfer of knowledge.

Output 3 – Mechanisms for parliamentary outreach and parliamentarians’ capacity for engagement are developed and enhanced

  • The third output is focused on increasing transparency and improving communication channels with constituents and other stakeholders on the budget process through parliamentary hearings, working with the media, improvement of the EFC website and collaboration across the donor community.

Secretariat staff:

Rafkat Hasanov, Team Leader

Rahima Tuychieva, Senior Analyst

Lyudmila Borunova, Senior Analyst

George Gridilian, Analyst

Zarina Mamadalieva, Communication Analyst